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Braggs aminos in P2 & a substitute

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For decades, nutritional junkies have sworn by Braggs as a healthy seasoning product. I think it had something to do with the old belief that if you were a vegetarian, you had to somehow manage to fill in the missing aminos in your diet from not eating animal protein.

But if you delve into the research a bit, it turns out that its "healthiness" is really just hype that everyone bought into. Its a highly processed soy derivative that isn't very natural at all. And for anyone with hormone issues (just about everyone who comes to HCG as a last resort), soy is something to be avoided because its a hormone disrupter. Not only that, but the process to make Braggs produces MSG, although they claim it is in a "natural form". (You wondered why it had so much flavor..)

Some people, its true can get away with it on HCG, but a lot of us can't. If I was going to use anything like that in P2, I would probably try coconut aminos, which are minimally processed. However, neither product is technically on protocol.

Braggs is high sodium so if you use a lot, it could account for a weight jump in P2.

You might want to try this Braggs substitute, which should be P2 friendly:

Dehydrate celery and lemon. As the celery dries out it hardens and becomes thin like floss. Place both in a coffee grinder and pulverize into powder. The powder is very salty, with a slight celery flavor.

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Updated November 21st, 2015 at 06:25 PM by Leez

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