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PearlyMae's Big Adventure to get Little

The Song I Dance To

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Another piece of this whole journey is my struggle with thyroid. I have been on T4 for 20 years but still had all the symptoms of low thyroid. My temperature runs from 93.4 to 95.4! My nails are ridged, my hair is dry, my hands are always so cold, I wear gloves with the fingertips cut out when I type, 8 months out of the year. I can’t tolerate cold weather. I limped painfully from plantar fasciitis for two full years.

Ten years ago, I was seeing a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, who put me on bio-identical hormones for menopause and started me first on Armor thyroid, and when that did not work for me, put me through a process with T3, increasing it every five days until I reached some relief from symptoms and got my temp up to an almost normal 96.8. She said that she had never had anyone have to go so far up on the dose, but I settled finally on 100mcg. I did Suzanne Sommers’ diet, and got skinny quick. Loved it, loved ME, loved my NursePract, loved life, loved being skinny....

Then I moved, and she moved, too, and I lost her. And eventually the Rx script expired.

I have changed doctors again and again over the past ten years, because I could not find one who understood T3 therapy and bio-identical hormones.

I saw one endocrinologist several years ago, and she yelled at me for wanting T3. Said my NP should be sued for malpractice because no one should take T3 unless they had thyroid cancer and that I might as well ask for an Rx for crack cocaine. When I say yelled, I mean she actually shouted at me until I was in tears.

I finally found a Nurse Practitioner here who is open to both the bio-identicals and the T3. However, she has no clue how to dose “alternative” things, and relies on the local compounding pharmacy and me to tell her what and how much to prescribe. I told her 100 mcg, but she misunderstood and started me out on 10mcg, which did pretty much nothin’. And at $60 a month, (insurance did not cover it) I could not imagine how much the right dose would be, and got so discouraged, I gave up on it.

Because of help on this forum, I found an affordable source of T3, (thank you, thank you, you know who you are!) and started taking it in April of 2013. I still remembered that endocrinologist, and was afraid to take the whole dose of 100mcg that I had originally been prescribed. Mostly because she had insisted I would instantly have a stroke and a heart attack if I so much as touched the stuff again.

I started a circadian cycle of taking one 25mcg dose at 4:30 a.m., 12.5 mcg again at noon and 3 pm, for a total of 50mcg. That was supposed to help with adrenal repair. After about six weeks of that, I just started taking the whole 50mcg before I got up in the morning, and I continued to take the T4. I read Stop the Thyroid Madness, I read lots of other internet sites... other forum buddies posted links and I drank them up.

This June, I started tracking my temps again and realized I was back to the 93-95 range again. Not to mention that slow creep of weight that refused to budge, no matter how clean I ate. Honest. I am no saint, but I like P3 eating! I really do. But it shouldn't kill me to have a low carb no sugar added Fudge-sickle once in a while!

I took a deep breath and tried 75mcg …and within a week I was down that last aggravating pound and back to the 2 pound window. Maybe, maybe, I have found the right Dance music. For me.

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  1. tonyph's Avatar
    Congratulations you have found the right method. If you love dance music, do you think you should set it as your phone ringtone?
  2. sophiada's Avatar
    Luckily you have found a suitable dance music genre. I hope the music and ringtones will help you heal better.
  3. lissajonees's Avatar
    I'm glad your condition has gotten better. Dance music also brings many magical effects to your spirit.
  4. mmax36884's Avatar
    I felt so moved reading about your journey with your thyroid problem. Your story is truly a testament to determination and patience. Hope you will continue to find the right Dance music for your life. Thank you for sharing.
  5. norineallyson's Avatar
    I'm glad you achieved the results you wanted. Dance Ringtones songs will definitely help you a lot
  6. jamesselenla's Avatar
    It's great that you've discovered an ideal Dance song to incorporate into your weight loss regimen! It's definitely a great way to stay motivated and have fun while working out and achieving your health goals.