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Busy-no-break work day = steak day

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R1 starting weight 213.3 lbs
LIW: 182.6 lbs
Loss: 30.7 lbs

5/27 P3D1 out of town no weight check (macadamia nuts)
5/28 P3D2 183.8 +1.8 lbs
5/29 P3D3 183.0 -0.8 lbs (macadamia nuts)
5/30 P3D4 183.2 +0.6 lbs
5/31 P3D5 183.6 +0.4 lbs
6/01 P3D6 182.8 -0.8 lbs TOM
6/02 P3D7 182.6 -0.2 lbs TOM (macadamia nuts)

6/03 P3D8 184.6 +2.0 lbs TOM
6/04 P3D9 183.2 -1.4 lbs TOM (red wine)
6/05 P3D10 185.2 +2.0 steak day
6/06 P3D11 184.4 -0.8 lbs
6/07 P3D12 184.6 +0.2 lbs
6/08 P3D13 184.0 -0.6 lbs
6/09 P3D14 184.6 +0.6 lbs (steak day; no breaks at work)

6/10 P3D15 183.2 -1.4 lbs

Out of necessity, I did a steak day yesterday. With no breaks at work, I turned it into a steak day as there was no way to get in 2,000 kcals of food between 5 pm and bedtime. Plus I didn't want to mess with the resetting of my weight with weird eating. Anyhow, the result was getting within 0.6 lbs of my last dose weight.

I'm getting into my third week of p3 and am going to be working to get to 2,000 kcals for my recommended daily intake. Nothing else to report. Hope everyone is finding success on this protocol.

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Updated June 11th, 2013 at 06:00 AM by Bavalay21



  1. pookster's Avatar
    Bavs! Way to go girl...If I dont have time to eat I do a steak day as well! It's a win win situation! The only times I have had problems with poor food choices is when I am not home and I have to eat something..I ate a blt sandwich and had some yogurt with berries out at a shop and I tasted the sugar and syrup and it was actually nasty... its funny how some things we "think" we miss or are craving turn out to be crappy! So thankful this protocol has changed me so much....as for your weight.. your doing fantastic considering tom etc.. Are you still enjoying your yogurt?? If you eat normal today you will prob be back down again tomorrow.. work it girl!
  2. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Hi pooks! Missed you for a few days. I am still enjoying the yogurt and like that its so easy instead of cooking up some protein between lunch and dinner. It's weird but as much as I love p3, I am looking forward to losing again. Gonna read your blog now!
  3. allowscore's Avatar
    Yeah. I'm a die-hard fan of yogurt, too! basketball legends