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P1d3 (vlcd1)

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First day of VLCD today!

My weight changes on the loading days were weird. After the first loading day, I put on 1.1kg. After the second loading day, I didn't put on anything further??! Seems odd, after all, I certainly did 'load'. (pizza, McDonalds, chocolate biscuits, Laksa, pastries - need I go on?)

So as at today, here's my status:

P1D1 = 68.4
P1D2 = 69.5
P1D3 = 69.5

So far so good. I had my apple and coffee for breakfast then a chicken breast, grissini and baby spinach for lunch.

Will have a steak, grissini and tomatoes for dinner tonight then my second piece of fruit (orange) too.


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  1. SipRedWine's Avatar
    Sounds like your on the right track and the HCG is kickin in strong! Your going to have a GREAT round!
  2. aussiecleo's Avatar
    Thankyou so much, RedWine!!
  3. Viktor56's Avatar
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    Eating and resting getting over it healthily will help you lose weight effectively and stay mentally alert.
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