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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011


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OH Happy dance for me! I lost 2.6 pounds! That puts me at an average of 2 pounds a day this week! Five weeks to go baby! That and Da' Bears won!! I am a GB Packer fan, and I wanted to see us brawl it out with our long time rival, only other time we met in NFC championship was in 1941! They won that time, time to take that back and wave from the Super Bowl Baby!

I slept alot today, didn't wake up till almost 8pm. I think I went to bed around 11 though. Well I am doing great. No hunger, still doing 125 iu. Feelin wonderful, lean, empty, not all sluggish and blah from carbs. Seeing those numbers drop every day, I can't wait. I wanna see the day when I drop below my R2 LIW of 289.6. That's approximately 12 days away. I've lost 3.2% of my body.

And I expect to be the weight loss winner of the work challenge "Choose to Lose". They donate money for every pound lost. I think Im the only one on our team on HCG. We were only allowed to choose to lose 24 pounds in twelve weeks. Tomorrow will be the weigh in day and day seven on VLC. I hope I can tell our coordinator I lost 12 pounds. LOL Half the total I could say was my goal. I guess our goals were supposed to be a healthy realistic one. Not an HCG one. She says all the pounds we lose count though, even if we go beyond that.

I still haven't been going on walks because first most of the week we had 65-85 mph winds. The MatSu Valley in AK sucks when it comes to wind storms. They last sometimes as long as two weeks, but mostly one. Then after the wind died, the cold settled in. I don't feel like walking in ten below zero weather. So I am failing on that account.

Well I have to go cook up some chicken for ahead meals.


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  1. Feisty's Avatar
    Sounds like in 80 to 85 mph winds you could just step outside the front door, face the wind and do it treadmill style. good losses! REAL good Losses!!
  2. Faemystique's Avatar
    haha, yeah except its bitter friggin cold and the wind whips your breath away!
  3. Sleclerc's Avatar
    Ugh I could do the wind, but the cold. No way, Im from florida and think 68 is cold. But your doing excellent on your weightloss, you should be so proud of yourself. I bet the others will qiestion your success!