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R1/ p2/ vlcd 24

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All is going good, I've added more workout time and it feels good and I'm still losing so steady she goes. I added shrimp as an option yesterday, love it. Somehow feels like more food though I weight everything so I know it's not. Threw up a new pic, thanks Dubbles for inspiring me ( I can see the changes in my face yes!). Gotta love that all pic are taken by me and in the car (ah such is the single life) BTW the BF and I broke up ( I broke it off and its good and I'm fine) the important thing I'm reconizing is a break up is the kind of thing in the past I would "eat" over and I realize that now and I didn't. I felt the feelings worked through them and moving on. All good to learn.

My only anxiety I'm having is as a approach the 2nd half of P2 I'm really nervous about P3 I don't feel like its really clear the exact strategy to do it. Is there a great book or something that any of you recommend for life on P3?
In the meanwhile...

post load weight-143.5
weight this morning-127
loss 16.5

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    U're doing a great job Lynne. Like the pic, too. I don't know of a book about p3, but there are forum sites essentially devoted to P3 questions. U can use your search engine for those. The forums have so many p3 recipes, too. Lots of good advice there for segueing into that phase. It's largely, no sugars or starches--larger portions, fats, more veggies, some fruit, but not the real sugary ones. Look it up in the forums, so much there to read. Much guidance. When are u planning to be in p3? I'm conflicted about how long I'm going to stay in p2, myself. Glad u're not upset about "the break-up", life is about change, ya know?