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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011

R3P2VLCD15: hanging on to the stall still

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So I went up to 307 and down to 306.6 today. I think I have many factors contributing. 1) new dog, daily walks totaling 1-3 miles a day for me, previously I was sedentary for the most part. 2) This is a set point for me, having stayed between 300-305 for five months before packing on the last 15 pounds over the holidays. 3) Fast fat loss the first week, leaving my body rebounding and retaining water while the fat cells stabilize.

I never did an apple day, I just can't quite stomach a day full of apples! Besides so much of that is purely psychological water weight anyhow. So today is the first of my three day work week and I got up and made four meals ahead of time. 4 marinated beef terryaki ginger beef strips and broth poured over boiled cabbage. Four tilapia filets, two over roasted radishes, two over asparagus. I might get tired of these. I did make a big batch of chili but I didn't care for it much this time. I told my hubby to make it into non hcg chili if he wanted. I might go take a couple servings out just to have a couple extra meals in the freezer.

I m having a hard time eating enough food. My cravings seem to have subsided for the most part, which is nice. I am looking forward to having at least a five pound loss this week. I am starting to drink an ACV cocktail each day, starting yesterday. Crossing my fingers. Wish me luck! May the gods of fat loss smile down upon me! and each of you as well!

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  1. DtheFashionista's Avatar
    The pre made meals have made the difference for me this round last round I wasn't quite so on the ball and then I was always thinking about what I was going to eat. Good luck and enjoy that ACV cocktail I have mine every night.