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  1. LylaLexie's Avatar
    I usually only do 2 loading days as I believe that is what is said in the original “Pounds and Inches” protocol. I don’t think I could do three says of loading, by the end of day 2 I feel SO bloated and gross! :-P

    I also have heard the “cup of veggies” rule and I try to stick to it. That being said, vegetables have very little calories, so if I am hungry and have to choose between cheating or eating more veggies, I’d much rather eat more veggies. I have noticed (this is just for me personally) if I eat an extra cup or so of vegetables a day, it really helps cut down on my hunger pangs/cravings and doesn’t seem to affect my losses much, if at all. :-)

    I’m sorry I can’t give you the answer in grams!