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Loving Hcg and made a biz from it

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My name is John And I am a reseller for "the Real Couch potato Diet" With HCG diet Drops. I have personally taken HCG drops for weight loss. I started last February at 354 lbs. I had sleep apnea, blood pressure so high i could not donate blood any more, borderline diabetic. Within 45 days I lost 53 lbs of abnormal fat and went in to my doctor to have all of my levels checked to see what shape I was in. My results were in and the doctor said I was one of the healthiest patients he has seen in years, "his words not mine" Whatever you are doing keep doing it!
After 100 days of being on HCG i lost 87 pounds of fat. Within two months I stabilized from 260 lbs to 280 lbs. It has been one year and I was at 289 before my second round of HCG drops. I have managed to keep off the weight and did not exercise during diet because of a knee operation. I am now losing a pound per day and am not hungry. I feel good all day and have been selling "The Real Couch Potato Diet" for over a year. I have had hundreds of clients and had nothing but referrals. If you are interested to learn more about this diet download "Pounds and Inches " by Dr Simeon online. It is free. If you would like to contact me for info on my program email at
[email protected] or call 209-589-7019 leave name and # so I may contact you.
I offer a full money back guarantee and have not had to refund anyone yet. I have only received referrals and praise.
Don`t believe all the negative hype.
This thing works and you will do a maintenance program when done with this diet and I have a formula which lets you workout while on this diet.
This makes my program unique and I know it works no matter how much you want to lose. I have people who only wanted to lose 15 pounds and ended up losing 30lbs of fat and have kept it off for good. All my best and I hope to hear from you. Best of luck.

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  1. mcrider1996's Avatar
    Wonderful job!! Bet you feel like a new man.