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I can do this!

Today is my first day on VLCD. I have been loading for 3 days previous. I am on the patch from FrequencyApps.

My expectations for this diet are to be able to get a grip on food rather than it having a grip on me. I do not know what healthy serving sizes are. I need to carefully weigh my foods/ or get calorie information on everything that goes into my mouth.

I currently weigh 301.4. Before loading I was 301.2. I have been above 250 for over 6 years now. Part of my weight gain was from taking Seroquel. I have depression and the Seroquel has done wonders for my chemicals, but really put weight on fast. At this weight I am no longer happy. I feel like everyone is watching me. My clothing is tight and I usually have to stretch out my shirts to wear them comfortably. I just ordered about 5 pants in a size 28. I do not like how I feel or how I look. I know I can do better. I don't mind being curvy, but with all this weight you can't see the curves.

I had green tea for breakfast with a packet of Stevia. For lunch, I had 3.5 oz of lean beef (skillet) with Mrs. Dash seasoning. I also had a tomato and an orange. I am worried about my calories though because I am only supposed to be eating 500 for the whole day and I am already around 300.

Right now, I feel pretty good. I know that my sacrifice will accomplish something later so I don't mind the sacrifice. I have complete faith in the diet. I am not really hungry, but I am feeling bored and usually when I am bored, I snack.

I am hoping for weight loss already for tomorrow. Since I have a digital scale it will be easier to see if I have lost any weight at all.

Since I am on the internet daily, I will update daily. If anyone wants to be my buddy, I don't mind. I know this journey will need lots of support so the more the merrier.


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