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It's Working - Phase 4 -Week 1

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Wow! I'm stabilizing!! Here I am at the end of my first week on Phase 4, and I am EXACTLY at the same weight as my LDW (Last drops weight)!! I am amazed!

I am doing a modified Adkins style diet. Modified in that I have added-in a few carbs now and then. A couple of times I saw the scale spike. During Phase 3 I did one Steak Day and this past week I did one Steak Day... both times that did the trick, got me back on track and dropped the couple pound spike. I'm doing a 4 week Phase 4 because we are having house guests that last week and I don't want to be at the beginning of my second round phase 2 while they are here. But I have to say, while I am enjoying the phase 4 foods, I can feel myself getting ready and actually looking forward to my second round! Even though I love seeing the scale holding steady... I WANT TO SEE IT GOING DOWN AGAIN!!

Began Jan 16th - Phase 2 -26.8
Began Mar 4 - Phase 3 - .8
Began Mar 25 - P4 – Week 1 + .8
Total - 26.8 (including load weight) Loss of 24.75 inches
“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..” Zechariah 4:10

Three cheers for HCG!!

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    I'm glad you are able to add some carbs back in and still maintain.... that is AWESOME!
    I have not followed P3 exactly and had some carbs and starches, usually not healthy ones either. Each time I gained. I have done 3 steak days and they work like a charm, but I don't want them to become a habit. Yesterday, I had some homemade Chex mix... probably not a good choice. This morning I was up 3.2 pounds!!! Doing a steak day today. On average I have maintained my P3 well, despite the daily bounces.

    I am also looking forward to another round beginning the first part of May.
  2. jen13's Avatar
    That is awesome! I will be starting P3 tomorrow. Can you list some meats, fruits, veggies, and snacks that you ate in P3? I'm really worried that I am going to eat something with sugar or starches. I'm not a nutritional buff. lol. I get the carbs (pretty much anything white). If i buy sugar free items (like diabetics buy) would that be okay to eat? What about lunch meat cut in the deli? tuna? This seems harder than P2 for me.
  3. Cpow's Avatar
    I think P3 IS harder than P2, but it is more fun. The first 3 weeks (P3) I stuck very close to Adkins... Meats, cheese, eggs, etc. I'm not a sweets buff, so I haven't experimented much with that. I did make a custard with stevia which was good. I haven't eaten any fruit except when I have a Steak Day. I eat lots of veggies... green beans, asparagus, artichokes, broccoli, leafy veggies and huge salads (WITH YUMMY SALAD DRESSING!!). I stay completely away from corn & carrots. Legumes are good. I like chili, taco salads with re-fried beans, navy bean soup, etc. Also, most nuts are good - peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds... When buying both legumes and nuts, check the labels. Read the carbs listed... and then deduct the fiber count. These are not free, but a handful of smoked almonds sure make a nice evening snack. Pretty much, if you are not sure... read the label. Now that I'm in P4, I have added in a small amount rice & potatoes. I haven't taken a chance on pasta yet. (By the way, I do not eat lunch meat, but tuna is a staple)
  4. pccharnley's Avatar
    Congratulations on stabilizing.. and continued good luck
  5. jen13's Avatar
    Thanks! That helps alot! I'll have to check out Adkins diet.