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It's STILL Working!!! Round2, Day 8

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Whaaa-hooooo! Lost 9.2 in the first week of this round, and another 1.8 on day 8! I love it!
However, if this round follows the course of my first round - week 2 is rough! So I'll glory in today's weigh loss while I can!

I sure wish I could find, make or buy a salad dress I really like! That would make this diet oh so much easier! BUT! With losses like this, I'll suffer through it!

Round 1 Began Jan 16- P2,3,&4: - 27.8
Round 2 - April 21; Post Load + 4
VLCD - 1st week: - 9.2
VLCD day 8: - 1.8
Total loss: 34.8 lb Total inches lost: 26”
“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..” Zechariah 4:10

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  1. Pauru's Avatar
    I like either romaine or iceberg lettuce with strawberries and my chicken on top.
  2. captncrunch's Avatar
    I whipped up a simple 1tsp CO, and a ton of braggs liquid aminos to make a really yummy dressing. However, if you're not fond of salty tastes or not good with CO, it probably should be avoided. I tasted the WF ceasar that I bought to try this round and couldn't stomach even a slight taste, omg it was horrible. So I have just one option, which I guess is still better than previous rounds.
  3. Newjulie's Avatar
    I used this and still had good losses.....spray of Pam olive oil spray and fresh lemon!

    May I ask what kind of HCG you are taking, where you got it and $ if you can. I'm ready to order for my next round and my supplier is gone! Thanks!