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It's STILL Working!!! Round2,Week3

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It's working... but WOW! Was this a rough week! I was up and down all week, like a yo-yo, even though I was right on protocol. On day 6 of this 3rd week I had a grand total of a .2 GAIN for the week!!! Yesterday I did my first Apple Day - and it worked. I woke up to a 2.2 loss. So, the week ended with a 2# loss for the week. Wheeeew!! I certainly hope next week is more positive. I have made a vow I will not end this P2 until I reach "one-derland." And I plan to stick to that... but I'd sure like to reach that in the next 3 weeks, although that seems pretty unlikely. Think I can loose 13.2# in 3 weeks?? Neither do I. But if it take 7 or 8 weeks... well that's what it will take!!
Happy loosing everyone!!

Round 1 Began Jan 16- P2,3,&4: - 27.8
Round 2 - April 21; Post Load + 4
VLCD - 1st week: - 9.2
VLCD – 2nd week: - 4.2
VLCD – 3rd week: - 2
Total loss: 39.2 lb Total inches lost: 26.75”
“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin..” Zechariah 4:10

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