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  1. Finally Broke the 220's

    Down 13 pounds

    Not hungry at all... but not feeling so good for the las few days. I think I may be getting a virus or something (sure hope is not the HCG) so proud to say I have not had even one cheat. My goal is 30 pounds his first round of injections.
  2. Day 9, VLCD 7

    Woohoo down 12 pounds and my shorts are getting looser...even my hubby noticed my tight shorts are not as tight anymore.

    Start wt 232.8
    VLCD 7 220.8

    Almost out of the 220's... my first goal is to lose 30 pounds and to get out of the 200's
  3. Is this really happening? Oh so happy!

    I was hesitant to start the HCG injections... first, because I wa scared to administer my own shots even though I am a nurse (lol) 2) I could not stand the thought of giving up "my foods."
    I have been on this journey for 1 week and here are my results so far

    Day 1 weight 232.8
    Day 7 weight 222.0
    weight loss 10.8 pounds

    But here is what I have learned so far. I am realizing that alot of my eating is from habit or emotion or even due to ...