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I ate pizza on p4, here is how I did!

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I bought a white sauce thin crust pizza (California kitchen brand) added some smoked clams to it and had that and homemade hotwings and 2 big bowls of salad with blue cheese dressing and crumbled blue cheese. I also ate it about 8:30-9pm too. I have to say that the pizza while good, didn't taste the way I thought it would. My months away from my favorite food has changed but I still enjoy it.

My weight the morning of eating pizza was 171 (that's higher than were I normally sit but I think it's because of TOM coming soon) My weight before bed was 176.2! I never get that high during the day! I normally only get to 172.4-173 at my most. So to say I was scared was a understatement!! I drank a bunch of water and when I woke I was 172.2 (that's .2lbs before a steak day). I ended up having a BM shortly after weighing and I weighed after that and I was back down to 171. So I am in the clear!! I don't think it's something I am going to risk very often but for me going the rest of my life without pizza is really not a option. I also love imported beer too, I haven't tried it yet after hcg because I am afraid of the gain but I do miss the flavors!

I am gearing up for R2! I haven't decided if I am starting this weekend or the following weekend. I can't beleive it's been six weeks already since ending p2. Time goes way too quick! I do have to say I am so thankful I did this because time does go quick and I let the last 8 years go with me being overweight and within a short period I am changing all of that forever!

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