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First real sugar attempt last day p4.

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So TOM got the best of me last night. Well TOM and just my emotions in general, I kinda dove into "I don't give a crap if I have to do a steak day tomorrow" attitude (I also want to say, this has been my ONLY time where I allowed myself to feel this way since starting HCG. I did allow myself, I thought it through)

So, this was my first time getting buzzed since...well it's been quite some time They say that it doesn't take much after hcg to get you to that point I found that not true. I normally would feel something after 2 glasses of wine. It took me 6 just to get to a point where my body and mind were relaxed. I made some kale chips (like two heads of kale! Lots of salt too) and that cured the salty craving but I had a sweet craving.

I bought some sugar free ice cream a while ago but was never brave enough to go for it. Well I went for it!! Not only did I have like 4 scoops I also had added Hershey's syrup and I didn't stop there, I figured if I was doing a steak day I am so going to enjoy my ice cream so I added 1/4cup of white chocolate chips! OH, it was so good. It totally gave me the fill I was looking for. Cocoa crack while good, makes my mouth hurt so I don't do it too often and I can never eat much when I do. Oh, worst part this was at 10pm at night too (wine, chips, icecream..oops lol)

So what happened? Just for the record I am in hard TOM now. So yesterday I was 170.6, this morning I was 171.2....WHAT!? I will take it!!

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