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Round 2 has begun!

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I started loading on 7/28 and began VLCD on 7/31. From Vlcd1 to 7 I lost 14lbs (WOW right?! I also gained 7.7lbs on loading!) day 8 I gained 1 pound and it has taken 2 days to get that pound off. So I am now day 10 back at my 14lb loss!

R2 has been so easy, I don't have cravings the way I did before. I am not fighting hunger issues the way I did before. I actually think I figured out why I was hungry so often..it was because of my skip days. I am starving on my skip day and then for 3-4 days after then I get back to not hungry then I recycle that again makes for a long week. I *think* this is my issue, I will be testing it by not doing a skip day and not going 46vlcd and only 43.

I have had some health issues creep us since my last round. The day before loading I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol and last but not least hypothyroidism. I do not beleive the high bp. They took it only 3 times over a 2 day span and both times I was very nervous and anxious. I went to walmart and took it myself on my own terms and I was within normal range. The high cholesterol shocked me but I wonder if it's because I stayed in p3 through out p4 (I never switched, was too scared) and clearly over did it on the butter and high fats. But mostly I ate chicken, veggies and steak. Only the steak was cooked in butter. But who knows, I have never eaten high fat in my life so my body could have been in shock. I do have to say I never gained eating high fat. I knew about the anxiety that's why I went (and many other things) in but they say it's from my hypothyroidism. I haven't started taking the meds they gave me because I don't want to loose slow or gain.

I also have been dealing with vision black outs and getting very dizzy and feeling tingly and flush when I stand. Almost like I am going to pass out but don't. Spoke to Grammy and she believes it's low bp which is what it feels like to me. it started about vlcd4 or 5 and is still around.

Otherwise I am doing good! I am ready to see that scale move last 3 days have been gain, then loss, loss the gain! I am ready for new losses! I am really excited to see what happens to my body this round! I am also doing Pilates everyday this round (it was my goal last round but I started two days ago and till going to push play!!)

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