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  1. r2p3 How's it going? Not so well.

    So I am day 18 of p3 and have had a total of 5 steak days. Should have been 6, I was over my 2lbs LIW but I had a bm and it dropped me to .1 away from my 2lbs and that day I had guests over for dinner so a steak day really wasn't going to work for me so I decided not to do it. I have looked over my food and there are no common factors as to what's causing the gains. I think it's something then not eat it and still gain. So here is my menu from the start of this p3. I can't find any pattern as to ...
  2. This thread has THE best dessert p3 recipes!!

  3. Round 2 has begun!

    I started loading on 7/28 and began VLCD on 7/31. From Vlcd1 to 7 I lost 14lbs (WOW right?! I also gained 7.7lbs on loading!) day 8 I gained 1 pound and it has taken 2 days to get that pound off. So I am now day 10 back at my 14lb loss!

    R2 has been so easy, I don't have cravings the way I did before. I am not fighting hunger issues the way I did before. I actually think I figured out why I was hungry so often..it was because of my skip days. I am starving on my skip day and then ...
  4. So I lost all this weight but I still feel fat..

    If you would have asked me 4 weeks ago how I felt about my new body, I said things like "Amazing, sexy, beautiful" I felt myself flaunting and flirting with my husband again. Those things that I couldn't bear to bring myself to do when I weighed 200lbs. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS. Wow, saying that now it hit me, that's a LOT it's not a few pounds overweight, it is obese for my height.

    So I start r2 on Monday, I feel both excited and scared, scared because I hope I can do it again ...
  5. First real sugar attempt last day p4.

    So TOM got the best of me last night. Well TOM and just my emotions in general, I kinda dove into "I don't give a crap if I have to do a steak day tomorrow" attitude (I also want to say, this has been my ONLY time where I allowed myself to feel this way since starting HCG. I did allow myself, I thought it through)

    So, this was my first time getting buzzed since...well it's been quite some time They say that it doesn't take much after hcg to get you to that point I found ...
  6. I ate pizza on p4, here is how I did!

    I bought a white sauce thin crust pizza (California kitchen brand) added some smoked clams to it and had that and homemade hotwings and 2 big bowls of salad with blue cheese dressing and crumbled blue cheese. I also ate it about 8:30-9pm too. I have to say that the pizza while good, didn't taste the way I thought it would. My months away from my favorite food has changed but I still enjoy it.

    My weight the morning of eating pizza was 171 (that's higher than were I normally sit but ...
  7. Let my hair down and ate Mexican including chips and salsa!!

    I am on p4 day 10 Went out to dinner last night and decided to eat what I wanted but within reason (like not keep eating because it tastes good). So I had 1/2 a HUGE steak burrito and chips and salsa and a cup or tortilla soup. Tasted amazing! So here is what happened with the weight....I am still under my 2lbs allotted to gain from my LIW but only by .2lbs. I was 170 yesterday and woke to 172.2. Steak day is 172.4. So yeah, it made me gain but honestly I don't care enough to freak out. I know it's ...

    Updated July 14th, 2012 at 10:29 AM by CrystalMamaof4 (Added steak day info)

  8. How I stabilzed in p3.

    I did wonderful in p3, I felt it was easy and fun and not a whole lot to worry about once you get the idea. The first few days are nerve racking because you swear you ate WAY to much and will wake to a HUGE gain but I never did and let me tell ya, I ate. I never felt deprived and I have found the foods I once craved are no more. In fact I find them gross and unappealing, I hope that lasts. I only experienced a p4 once and it was frozen yogurt and salad dressing which I beleived had sugar in it ohh ...
  9. My cocoa crack recipe (almond joy)

    Hey everyone!

    I really needed a sweet treat tonight so I made my very first cocoa crack. After reading tons of recipes (yes they are all similar but none quite the same. I found my own to make a candy like almond joy. It turned out so perfect, I am simply amazed I thought I would have to play with the recipe. It's a simple 3,2,1!

    3 tablespoons of refined coconut oil (the one that smells/taste like coconut)
    2 tablespoons xylitol
    1 tablespoon Hershey's unsweetened ...

    Updated June 27th, 2012 at 11:41 AM by CrystalMamaof4

  10. P3 menu, and how p3 is working out.

    Well I took my trip to MT last week I left day 6 into p3 and had cleared dairy, eggs and cheese. I didn't make nuts which I was hoping I would because snacks would have been easier. I was on a very tight budget for foods so most of what I ate had to be go in the store and get it. I had no way to prepare anything. When I did go out to eat, you know that steaks and seafood are not on the economical side. I also had lots of down time, which I roamed grocery stores reading labels trying to find things ...
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