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VLCD15- Thoughts on emotional eating

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I am ok now, Mother's day has passed. I still crave food though. I could go grab a burger and fries and other than the gaining weight part it wouldn't bother me. I wish I was one of those who are not hungry and have no cravings for the foods they used to eat. I don't seem to fit into the normal box on this diet as far as hunger,craving and being tired. I did have a lot of energy in the beginning but I think that was placebo effect, because I don't anymore. Actually if I could sleep the next 28 days away I so would!

I am very happy with my losses and I was trying to figure out what my closing weight of the round will end at. I started after load at 204 and I am down to 185.6 so my gross loss has been 18.6lbs in 15 days. But I count from my actual starting weight before hcg which was 199.9 so I have lost 14.3 net weight, so either way you look at it the numbers are great.

I watched this documenty called "Fat head" it's on netflix, or I am sure you could find it online some where too. But it is so interesting! It is basically explaining why p3 works (it doesn't have anything to do with hcg, just good fats, bad fats and high fats) it has some humor in there too. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, now it's just getting our minds to change from no fat, low fat to real fat, high fat.

I don't want to make this too long so I will try to make it short. I want to talk about how from birth we are designed to make food comfort/punish us. It starts as babies, when a baby is fussy the mother will either nurse her baby (which food is comfort) or when older, hand them a cracker. Then when we get older we are told, if you don't finish your dinner or you weren't good enough for a treat.
Or "You did such a great job on your home work, have a cookie" When you celebrate special occasions even Communion is based on food to give us a feeling. Or when you do good at work and boss buys everyone lunch, we are satisfied with food. So saying we have to stop comfort eating is just not going to work, we have to change our minds about food, that it's not a punishment or a reward. You shouldn't have to stuff yourself on dinner in order to pack on more calories with a dessert. Have some dinner and some dessert.

I am trying to make those changes in my home. When my kids say they are done with dinner rather than examining their plate to see if they have earned a treat, I will ask them "Are you done?" followed by "If we do dessert, you may have some if we don't you will be going to bed as hungry as you are now, would you like more or are you really done?" They will either say "I want to eat more or they are done. I want to take out that they have to clean their plates before dessert and they have to be full in order to get dessert, I also don't want them thinking dessert is a "treat" the word treat=reward. It's not either, it's a piece of food, my long term goal it to take the emotion out of eating. When we tell ourselves we can't, we want it even more. When we make something a special treat, we are going to finish every single bite and lick the plate..because in our minds it's like Christmas, it's a treat, we are not going to get it often. Food is just food, it can taste great but it doesn't have to make us "feel." Face it, comforting food doesn't make us feel comfortable, if it did we wouldn't be dieting!

Just something to think about!

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