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Loading phase, R2. What I will do differently based on the lessons learned during R1.

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My first round was in March of this year. I lost in total only 16 lb and this was in 46 days of HCG.
Something was definitely not working quite well for me despite following the protocol.

1. I did not exercise. I now think that it was a big mistake.
Yes, Dr, Simeons says not to exercise. His patients, however, were encouraged to do sightseeing which presumes a lot of walking.
I think that the nature of my job - sitting behind the computer all day - requires some mild resistance training and some light aerobic exercise.
I plan on doing it this round.

2. I did not measure any of my inches, only the pounds. I thought that as long as I see and feel my clothes getting looser, I will know that I am losing weight. Well, my inches didn't budge much at all according to my clothes.
In fact, I gained back 4 lb out of those 16 that I lost and my clothes feel now the same as before. I didn't drop a size.
So I will measure all my inches tonight and will track them through the round.

3. I couldn't establish my dose for the first couple of weeks and was jumping all around - lower, higher, skip day. When I felt particularly hungry I ate an extra protein serving.
The extra protein shouldn't have affected my weight loss too much, but HCG supposedly induces fat loss over muscles, and I feel like it didn't happen much in my case because my dose was off for so long.

4. Blood sugar. My normal blood sugar is 100-110. When I eat simple carbs - bread, sweets, and even fruits - my sugar goes up, like for everyone else, but then I get more insulin than needed to clear that sugar and it drops too low. I would usually have my hands shaking, cold sweat, and no energy at bllod sugar 65. I am not diabetic and I have no need to measure blood sugar regularly. One day on HCG, when I was particularly active (cleaned the house, bought groceries, and cooked for the family, I felt somwhat tired in the evening, lacking energy, when I measure my blood sugar and found it to be 40. My entire knowledge on blood sugar levels was based on two diabetic people in my daily life - my mother and my business partner. I knew that at a blood sugar this low (and maybe going down) it is possible to go in to a coma. Little did I know back then about ketones and that the reason I didn't have cold sweats, shaking hands, and total fall-out was because my brain and my organs were feeding off of ketone bodies. Instead of trusting my body to regulate itself I started binging on fruits.
After this eposode I began noticing that I got reactive to apples and strawberries, which were a part of my HCG diet. Now not only white bread and sweets caused my blood sugar to spike and then get low, but those daily apples and strawberries did it too. At 40 I didn't feel that my blood sugar was too low because my body had a way to feed itself, but after the episode I felt weak at 65-70.
This time I plan to eat vegetables instead of fruits.

It seems to me that I am leaning more towards what they call here, on the forum, an HCG-2.0 or maybe they call it Siesta Diet (not sure if those two are the same thing). I am just guessing because the thread about the siesta diet is too long with a lot of irrelevant to the diet itself information. If there was a source providing some results of people doing HCG 2.0 and/or Siesta Diet, this would be much helpful, I think, to people like me.

My plan for this time is to go all the way. To maintain the servings, the ratios, but to eliminate the fruits and the breads, and to replace them with some leafy greens.
I will try to stay away from beef and choose chicken and fish instead for my proteins. No canned tuna.

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  1. sunshine999's Avatar

    Have you tried the Siesta one yet? I see that you know of Stephanie Person. I was just trying Keto diet last month and was watching her info quite a bit.