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Update: My 'Possessed' scale...

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Well I bought a new battery last night and this morning I stepped on the scale twice and it was the same weight - up .4 but I'm okay with that since, I was getting different weights for almost a week. I now have a new starting point.

The recent scale issues, set me back and I lost my motivation. So, I decided to do a mini load yesterday and part of today. Today, I pre-cooked all my different proteins, cut up my veggies and put me meals in containers and baggies. Although I expect to show a slight gain tomorrow, I feel I have everything ready to do a successful short round. I didn't do to bad at the bbq yesterday which was another reason I decided to do a mini load. I stayed away from too many starches but I did have some bbq and a few other things. I'm not much of a soda drinker so I tried a Coke Zero and it made me sick. I didn't realize how much my taste buds have changed. All the bbq foods I used to eat before hcg - didin't taste the same. I immediately noticed a strong sugar taste - in everything. It was like I've become sensitive to the taste of sugar. Which was very odd to me. I just can't eat that way anymore and you know what....I'm okay with that.

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