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Gained 1.6 lbs bummer!

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Ok so i woke up to a 1.6lb gain this morn...i had asparagus and used ruckers oil free lotion so one or both did not agree with me..bummer.....had not really lost much in inches and now to be back at 10 lbs lost is not what i wanted to deal with...a few tears have been shed but i know its pick myself up and keep on going!
asking myself why i have to be one that even a tiny infraction causes so much weight gain..why can't i be like those that go rogue and all is rosy????? i so hope i lose alot in the morn i won't feel so bad....
Good news on the injection front though...i changed from SL to SQ and had my first injection this morn...it was not nearly as bad as i had built it up in my mind..quick and easy
so like this once a day instead of twice i hated working my dinner around taking my drops.

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