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Pretty good so far

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So far weight has been coming off pretty good. I am on vlcd 15 and have lost only 11lbs though. I thought i would be down a few more at this point. I know the last half will be slower than the first half so I don't see myself making my 30lb loss goal even if i do a 40 day instead of a 30 day round. I am about to go from SL to SQ. I am hoping i can regulate my dose better. I started out starving and am now just sorta hungry after changing doses several times. Have not noticed a change in clothing size but maybe in another week. Am getting bored with food choices so i think it's going to get harder to stick with it the longer i go. I am determined though so bored or not I am in it to win it.

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  1. Calythia's Avatar
    Yay for determination!!!! I am right behind you on day 13! Did you take your measurements before you started? Did you take them since? I'll bet that you have lost inches even though you are in the same size clothing. My jeans are still snug in the waist but I've noticing they are more roomy in the pocket area (I've got a belly) and the butt. I am one of the few people that enjoy the food.. so far anyway Stick to your guns, you can still make that 30 pound goal...