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Steak days do work

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Ok so the steak day worked!!!! i lost back down to liw...then i tried to start over but i somehow gained 2 lbs overnight...i really do not like P3 or should i say it does not like me....gonna do a high protein day as prescribed by my friends here in hcg land ...hope it works as well as the steak day did!!!
i am just so worried i will never stabilize

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  1. DimePieceComing's Avatar
    What day are you on in P3? What have you been eating?
  2. cynm's Avatar
    Day 7 in p3...gained dramatically the first day but stayed below the 2 lbs until day before yesterday...
    having eggs, bacon, lamb, butter, cheddar cheese, maries blue cheese dressing on lettuce, chicken, beef, cocoa crack, cucumbers,
    i had some almonds a few days ago but realized they had carbs so cut them out
  3. taylorfam55's Avatar
    Try keeping carbs low for a week, then adding back in 1 carb at a time. Think first phase of South Beach.(there are lots of south beach ph 1 recipes online if you google it. ) I tried following Atkins but the fat levels were so high, it made me sick to my stomach and I gained on my p3, so I switched back to South Beach which worked for me. I stabilized 1 pound over my LTW. It worked for me, helped me to add my carbs back in slowly too with out gaining till I could tell what my triggers were. Good Luck stabilizing.
  4. cynm's Avatar
    yeah as u can see by what i am eating i am doing very low carb...it is so irritating!! thanks for giving ur experience