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Newbie starting diet

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2000 IU of Ovidac subq injections; planning on 30 units or 150 IU. This will be my first round

After much preparation and reading I still don’t know it all. Today I received the HCG and tomorrow I’m starting. I went to the store and purchased loading food, fat foods such as FFF, bacon, dark chocolate – yum- a tub of nuts. Rib eye steaks, cream cheese. I already have eggs, avocados and whip cream. I ordered almond butter from Amazon and it should arrive tomorrow. I am thinking I am going to buy the food for the vlcd tomorrow or Saturday. I will also figure out then what kind of hand soap to get, shampoo, toothpaste and face moisturizer, etc.

Next, I went on youtube and watched the video again on how to mix the HCG with the bacteriostatic water. Injecting air first then pulling out the bacteriostatic water, etc. I decide I’ve had enough training and it’s time to mix the HCG for tomorrow morning. I’m mixing while watching the video again. I stop and rewind. I’ve transferred the HCG into the mixing vial and I’m looking at the HCG vial and wonder if I got it all out, did I turn the vial enough to mix the HCG with the 1cc bacteriostatic water? As a newbie I have doubts.
What else have I done today? Early on I tested my scale and it appears to be working. I know I am going to need to measure my waist, arms, legs, etc. but that will have to wait and will be done during the loading days. Perhaps it should be done before or after not sure. Last weekend I purchased an electronic food scale. I chose the biggest loser one.

Friday 14th

This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. I am achy and think it’s because of the flu shot I got last Sunday. I was tired on Tuesday and the ache was worst last night. I am wondering if I should wait but my husband doesn’t think so. Once I’m up and about I feel better. After walking my puppy for 20 minutes I am ready to do the first injection. I think my angle was more than 90o and think I injected superficially and not deep into the fatty tissue. I rationalize it by telling myself that it will all work out in the end.

My breakfast was 2 cups of coffee with raw sugar and whole milk, 4 strips of bacon, liquid eggs and a slice of bread – I love bread and will miss it dearly during the vlcd phase. While on the road running errands I am eating the big, dark chocolate bar with 70% cocoa and enjoying it. Just hoping I’m eating enough as I don’t feel hungry.
I also feel relaxed…or possibly light headed and not hungry. Is this common?

Rib eye steak with one avocado for lunch. Munching on cashews and had a teaspoon of the almond butter.

I don’t know how often if at all I will continue to blog.

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  1. kimmield's Avatar
    Hi ilose2win! I don't blog but I love to read them. You are probably starting VLC. Your load sounds perfect! I did not do the injections, I took the Homeopathic drops. I did feel tired and it took my appetite away. Your symptoms are normal. I have completed two rounds and reached my goal and am in week 2 of phase 4. I lost 40 pounds. I did a 40 day round the first time and 20 days the second. I love this way of eating! I am 45 and its the first time I have been conscious of my daily weight, I still weigh every day. I go up and down a pound. I never want to go back to being fat!

    Good luck to you!
  2. daisies2win's Avatar
    Thank you kimmield....Great progress, congratulations! Today is VLCD3 for me and so far so good with some minor things like a little hunger plus a headache today. I think I compensated by eating double the recommended amount of strawberries mid afternoon but still within the 500 calories. Keep up the good work!