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  1. After a year... Here i am again!

    I went on a Round 2 about 2months later after my Round 1. I lost about 23lbs and is very happy about it.. However...~
    After about a year , i gained my weight within this last 6months .. gained about 27lbs back after end of Phase 3..
    Really need to lose weight again... and hope i can maintain the weight this time round. So hard to resist temptations. Especially starchy food is our staple food here in my country.

    I didn't blog about my round 2 here as i was too busy for ...

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  2. Phase 3 Logs Part IV Day 20 - Day XX

    From Previous Post :16/07 Day 19 66.5Kg

    17/07 Day 20 66.4Kg/146.1 lbs

    Breakfast - Woke too late.

    Lunch - Bacon x 5 Strips & Scrambled Eggs x 2 (no butter)

    Dinner - Drunken Chicken (150grams pre-cook),cooked in VSOP and sesame oil and some seasonings and ginger . Spicy Calamari (50grams precook)

    Supper - Drunken Chicken (2 drumsticks) , Steak Cubes(100gram pre-cooked) with egg and loadsa Onions.

    Tags: butter, fage, phase 3
  3. Phase 3 Logs Part III Day 15 - Day 19 !

    From Previous Post : 11/07 Day 14 67.2Kg/147.8 lbs(gained 0.2lbs)
    I added alot of new seasonings and new food on Day 14. Had my TOM later in the Day..and i end up losing some weight when i weighed at Day15!

    12/07 Day 15 66.9Kg/147.2 lbs (lost 0.6lbs)

    Breakfast - Braised Mutton Rib (80gram post-cooked)

    Lunch - Stir Fry Pork Belly Slices(120grams pre-cooked) with Oyster Mushrooms and Egg.
    I used Oyster Sauce , braggs , rice wine ,garlic ...

    Updated July 18th, 2012 at 10:21 AM by Dandan26

  4. TOM finally comes after.......45days+?

    I started my drops about 10days after my TOM..
    My loading days + VLCD is about 25days.. I had a sudden rise of weight and Stall during Phase 2,thinking it's TOM. I had signs showing it's coming,but it didn't.

    And today i'm on Day 14 of Phase 3. It arrived.
    But its at least 45days since my Last TOM. Is this normal? I'm usually not this late..

    I would say...i'm having a lil cramps but very light flow(almost nothing). I'm kinda worried but at least it ...

    Updated July 11th, 2012 at 10:40 PM by Dandan26

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  5. Phase 3 Logs Part II - Day 11 to Day 14

    A log of my P3 foods... I'm on R1P3.. still figuring what type of correction day works best...for me..
    Will update this post as the days goes like usual..

    08/07 Day 11 67.2Kg/147.8 lbs( After BM in the morning,146.3 lbs.Anyone know which should i use? )

    Breakfast - Skipped

    Lunch - Can of tuna with oil ,tossed with 2 lime and 1 Fresh cut chilli padi.
    I've rinsed the tuna with hot water a few times.

    Dinner - Fried Chicken ...

    Updated July 11th, 2012 at 09:03 AM by Dandan26

  6. Phase 3 Logs

    Started P3 on June 28th 2012.. Will be updating/editing this log as it goes to keep track of what i eat..so i can check what's okay for me or not ..

    28/06 Day 1 66.3Kg
    Dinner: Ate Pork Chops marinated with Oyster Sauce,Pepper,Sesame Oil and Chicken Nugget x1

    29/06 Day 2 66.1Kg
    Dinner : Braised Pork , Braised Egg + Curry Chicken

    30/06 Day 3 66.1Kg
    -Breakfast : Fried Meatrolls with beancurd skin x 5pcs , Braised Meats / Knuckle ...

    Updated July 7th, 2012 at 10:24 PM by Dandan26

  7. Week 3 - End of P2 (Rushed into P3 oops!)

    I kinda jumped into P3 cause i really wanted to eat that sizzling piece of pork chops. I ate it. But i can't finish it which i can usually do .

    22/06 Vlcd17 68Kg (149.6 lbs) (Stalled again from 21/06)
    23/06 Vlcd18 67.8Kg (149.2 lbs)
    24/06 Vlcd19 67.3Kg (148.1 lbs)
    25/06 Vlcd20 67.3Kg (148.1 lbs)
    26/06 Vlcd21 66.9Kg (147.2 lbs)
    27/06 Vlcd22 66.6Kg (146.5 lbs)
    28/06 Vlcd23 66.3Kg (145.9 lbs)

    ---------------Week 3 loss 1.7Kg ...
  8. Round 1 Week 2 !

    Previously, --Week 1 lost 3.1Kg/ 6.8lbs---

    2nd week
    14/06 Vlcd9 70.6Kg (155.3 lbs)
    15/06 Vlcd10 70Kg (154.0lbs)
    16/06 Vlcd11 69.5Kg (152.9 lbs)
    17/06 Vlcd12 69Kg (151.8 lbs)
    18/06 Vlcd13 69Kg (i stalled!)
    19/06 Vlcd14 68.4Kg (150.5 lbs)
    20/06 Vlcd15 68.4Kg (Stalled again)
    21/06 Vlcd16 68Kg (149.6 lbs)

    ---Week 2 lost 2.6Kg/ 5.7 lbs)---

    Feels kinda slow.. due to the stalls.
  9. My First Round Week 1

    Wana keep a record of the past week.. it's been slow but oh well.
    Gona do a 23day round~

    R1P2 - i'm 5"1 , 165lbs
    04/06 LD1 -
    05/06 LD2 75kg

    06/06 Vlcd1 74Kg (162.8 lbs)
    07/06 Vlcd2 73.6Kg (161.9 lbs)
    08/06 Vlcd3 73.1Kg (160.8 lbs)
    09/06 Vlcd4 72.6Kg (159.7 lbs)
    10/06 Vlcd5 72.3Kg (159.1 lbs)
    11/06 Vlcd6 71.6Kg (157.5 lbs)
    12/06 Vlcd7 70.8Kg (155.8 lbs)
    13/06 Vlcd8 70.9Kg (156.0 lbs) (Gained ...