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After a year... Here i am again!

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I went on a Round 2 about 2months later after my Round 1. I lost about 23lbs and is very happy about it.. However...~
After about a year , i gained my weight within this last 6months .. gained about 27lbs back after end of Phase 3..
Really need to lose weight again... and hope i can maintain the weight this time round. So hard to resist temptations. Especially starchy food is our staple food here in my country.

I didn't blog about my round 2 here as i was too busy for work and hard to access to the forums. But this time , i will try to record my progress on this round 3.. Need to get it going somehow!

23days Diet History
R1 (Drops) Start Weight : 75Kg (165lbs) _ LDW : 66.1Kg (146lbs) _ Weight Lost : 8.7Kg (19.1 lbs)
R2 (Pellets) Start Weight : 68.4Kg (150.7lbs) _ LPW : 57.6Kg (126.9lbs) _ Weight Lost : 10.8Kg (23.8lbs)
R3 (Pellets) Start Weight : 72.2Kg ( 159lbs) _To be continue...

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Updated August 12th, 2013 at 08:58 PM by Dandan26



  1. cemaestas's Avatar
    Hi. I too am restarting hcg. I lost 53 pounds the first time - 5 years ago and never believed I would regain. I think the secret for me is going to be weighing every day once I get to phase 4. Always be vigilant.
  2. Dandan26's Avatar
    Hi Cemaestas! wow 53pounds!! that's nice! Did you regain all weight or partial?? I stopped weighing myself on phase 4, and probably indulgence here and there ruins it... I hope you do well this time round too!