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Phase 3 Logs Part II - Day 11 to Day 14

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A log of my P3 foods... I'm on R1P3.. still figuring what type of correction day works best...for me..
Will update this post as the days goes like usual..

08/07 Day 11 67.2Kg/147.8 lbs( After BM in the morning,146.3 lbs.Anyone know which should i use? )

Breakfast - Skipped

Lunch - Can of tuna with oil ,tossed with 2 lime and 1 Fresh cut chilli padi.
I've rinsed the tuna with hot water a few times.

Dinner - Fried Chicken Pieces and Fish(total about 7oz post-cooked) marinated with Chili powder,Tumeric Powder ,kSalt, Pepper. Both Fried in Coconut Oil . Curry Chicken Wings x4 .

Supper - 1 Fried Chicken Drumstick (5oz post-cooked) same marination as above.

09/07 Day 12 67.1Kg /147.6 lbs

Breakfast - 2 Curry Hard Boiled Eggs

Lunch - 3 Fried mid-wings (fried with garlic,ginger,spring onion,chilli and Braised Sauce and dipped in curry) , A bite of Sardines(canned)

Snack - 2 sunny sides ups , Cube Beef (7oz. precooked) stirfry with Braggs,Oys4er Sauce,Pepper

Dinner - Stir fry long beans with sambal dried shrimps and garlic . Sardines .

10/07 Day 13 67.1Kg/147.6 lbs

Breakfast - 2 Half Boiled Eggs.Roast Pork + Roast Duck + Fish Slice soup with some Tofu. Steam minced Pork ball. (Outside Food)
I would say.. its about 8.8 oz post cooked of all the above Meats. But i'm kinda regreting cause of the MSG n Salt they use in their food ..meh.

Lunch - Skewered Meat (Satay) x 3 sticks with some cucumber. Mutton Soup. (Outside food again)

Dinner - Steamboat with Tom Yum Soup Base. Sliced ShabuShabu Pork Belly (5.5oz pre-cook) , 3 Large Prawns , Sea Cucumbers(2oz pre-cook) , Some broccoli. Ate these with a Dip made with Fresh cut chilies ,braggs and lime juice.

11/07 Day 14 67.2Kg/147.8 lbs (gained 0.2lbs)

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs x 2 , Braised Mutton Rib (3.5oz post-cooked)

Lunch - Boiled Shabu Shabu Pork Belly Slices(100grams precooked) drizzled with garlic sauce.
Garlic sauce is made with Minced Garlic,Soya Sauce,Pepper,Rice Wine,Chili Oil,Sesame Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.
9Added Chili Oil and Rice Wine for the first time. Realized chili oil has SUGAR n SOYABEAN OIL added after i ate.pish]

Dinner - Steam Minced Pork with Salted Fish(1oz post cook). Stir-fry Bak Choy with Oyster Mushrooms n Salted Fish. Braised Mutton Rib(2oz post cook) . Fried Omelette with Onion(1 egg)
[Salted Fish is a new food added again today. I don't know if it's on Protocol..oops. So is Oyster Mushroom.. Haven't ate any Shrooms on my Phase 3 till today..]

I don't know how much calories i've ate today.. but it doesn't seem enough.. I'm feeling hungry now but it's gona be bedtime soon..so yea. Hope scale will be nice to me tomorrow morning!

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