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Phase 3 Logs Part III Day 15 - Day 19 !

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From Previous Post : 11/07 Day 14 67.2Kg/147.8 lbs(gained 0.2lbs)
I added alot of new seasonings and new food on Day 14. Had my TOM later in the Day..and i end up losing some weight when i weighed at Day15!

12/07 Day 15 66.9Kg/147.2 lbs (lost 0.6lbs)

Breakfast - Braised Mutton Rib (80gram post-cooked)

Lunch - Stir Fry Pork Belly Slices(120grams pre-cooked) with Oyster Mushrooms and Egg.
I used Oyster Sauce , braggs , rice wine ,garlic ,ginger for the sauce and egg to slightly thicken it..

Dinner - Tom Yum Soup with Pork belly Slices (100grams pre-cooked) , Enoki Mushrooms (40grams),Sea Cucumbers(20grams) and 1 Egg.

-I think TOM happening yesterday helps drops my weight for today. And also some BM . I'm hoping the weight continue to drop!

13/07 Day 16 66.8Kg/147lbs (lost 0.2lbs)

Breakfast - Skipped

Lunch - Left Over Tom Yum Soup from last night , Roast Pork(50grams post-cooked), FishBall x2

Dinner - 1 Chunk(about 55grams) of Steam Mince Meat Patty with Salted Pickles(eeks sodium!) , Few pieces of Roast Pork , Fishcake x1 , Some Beancurd stuff with fish paste fillings x 2 pcs. PigBlood Tofu in Sweet Soya Sauce x 12mini cubes(for TOM ).

Added New Seasonings n Sauces again.. My Dinner is Outside Food. So yea, hidden sugar and MSG. But i'm trying out some beancurd stuff and hope i won't gain tomorrow. TOM seems to be ending..

14/07 Day 17 67.2Kg/147.6 lbs (gained 0.7lbs back)

Breakfast - Skipped

Lunch- Tuna Omelette (used 1 whole can of tuna in oil,rinsed tuna in water several times)

Dinner - Went out for my Aunt's birthday dinner. Tons of food. Too much food to take notice of. haha! Tried to scrape off most sauce tho.

Drank more water then usual plus 650ml of Oolong tea. TOM seem to be ending soon...

15/07 Day 18 67.1Kg (no gain ! yay!)
Steak day! (just for the sake of it)

Breakfast & Lunch - Drank water all day .

Dinner - 250grams(pre-cook) Sirloin Steak cooked with coconut oil . 180grams minced beef (pre-cook and made into burger patties ) .
I seasoned both types of meat with paprika , pepper , braggs, abit of salt.

Trying not to fry with butter cause my previous steak days cooked with butter don't show ideal results...

16/07 Day 19 66.5Kg (dropped 1.3lbs! finally a success for steak day?!)

Breakfast - 2 Eggs stir fry with Tomato. Bacon x 3

Lunch - Soya Sauce Chicken with black fungus and ginger(80grams Post-cooked). Smoked Cod Liver in oil with lemon juice.(1 Spoons-full).

Dinner - Cabbage with black fungus and Enoki shrooms . Chilli Pork Intestines(sugar in chilli , oh no ) . Soya sauce chicken x 4bite-sized .

Supper - 120grams(pre-cook) Ground Beef Stir Fry with onions,garlic , pepper , Chilli powder, black pepper n braggs.

Currently within LDW 2lbs range.. hope i'll be able to maintain at this range..

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