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This Diet isn't Logical

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I mean, it kinda is: eat less and you'll weigh less (which we all know isn't necessarily true, despite all the people telling us that "you don't need no stinkin' supplement: just eat less and move more! What's wrong with you?"). But, after years of reading every fitness or weight loss article I could find (and understand), years of toying with the idea of becoming a certified nutritionist or personal trainer, years of soaking up everything so I can find the magical trigger that will help me lose weight... this diet goes against everything I've read.

1. "Eating less than 1200 calories a day will screw up your metabolism and, the minute you eat anything, you'll gain it all back AND THEN SOME... AND IT WILL NEVER COME OFF."
2. "If you don't eat 1,242 servings of fruit a day, you'll get really sick and your body parts will turn purple and you'll start hallucinating. For realz."
3. "You can't lose weight unless you exercise. Here, buy my DVD: Perfect Abs in just 20 Seconds a Day."

I was a little shocked when my naturopath recommended this diet (yup: someone with a degree who has access to medical journals that she reads and stuff recommended that I inject myself with something daily so I can lose weight. Weird.). I asked her a TON of questions because this just didn't seem right to me. Previously, if I didn't eat 1300 calories a day, I was dizzy and cranky by 7 PM. But, my fasting blood sugar was getting a little high, I have about 40 pounds to lose, and the popular weight loss plans weren't working for me. So, she said what I didn't want to hear: "You have to go low carb if you want to lose any weight." Then, she said the other thing: "But I can prescribe something that will make it easier."

And it does. I've lost 6 pounds in 8 days (including weight gained during loading). The sugar withdrawal was... interesting... but I made it. I'm interested to see how the rest of this journey plays out.

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  1. Spiderlilly's Avatar
    Great entry.
  2. New Me Soon's Avatar
    Daph...I am a scientist by trade (23 years in my profession) and hrer is my take and some a ctual facts.

    1. Injectable HCG is approved by FDA as safe (it is approved for another use though...fertility treatments)
    2. Very Low Calorie Diets are also approved by FDA...for post bariatric surgery and Lap Band
    3. It is my educated opinion that all the weight you lose on this diet is due to the low calorie diet (when I did it I was at about 700 cal/day and I did noit weigh my food and I did mix veggies)
    4. I do believe that the HCG decreases hunger so that you can do the 500-700 calorie diet
    5. I do not believe you should do this diet long term as it is very hard on the body
    6. I lost 15 pounds and am maintaining it beautifully and I believe this is due to the following:
    7. I learned a lot about portion size, snacking and I started reading labels....it's amazing how much sugar is in everything! I am eating more organically now and my body is happier...no heart burn and indigestion. I understand which fruit has more sugar and that I should space fruit out during the day.

    When I started the diet (I did it 25 days only) I had already been eating healthy and exercising (I had already cut out fast food, fried food, most salty snacks etc.). There is no doubt in my mind that those who start this without having done this will have a harder time and those that learn noting and go back to eating the way they were will gain it all back and then some...
  3. New Me Soon's Avatar
    oh also...I had already and continued to take all my supplements...postassium, B12, B Complex, Red Rice Yeast...the only things I cut out were C, D, Fish Oil and Co-Q 10 but am back on them now...
  4. daphneg's Avatar
    Hi there! Yes: my doctor has me on the 700-calorie-diet, with a meal plan so that I don't have to weigh everything. I also don't believe I can go back to the way I ate before, even though I have been in chronic diet-mode for years. Apparently, sugar is where my problem is and I can't ingest the amounts I was before. My doc also put me on a large amount of supplements which are GREATLY helping (I actually didn't get the cold my 3-year-old brought home, and usually those knock me out).

    Thank you for the informative response!