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December 29, 2010 , R5P2D2

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Okay, I have my first day "under my belt". I did not loose as much as I was hoping for for the first day, so I have to wonder if it is because of the "Constant Comment" tea or the tomato soup? Sometimes I do not loose with tomatoes. Or possibly the orange that I had for dinner. I did not have the bread stick or the Melba toast. I can live without them all together. But I might have them one day..I just don't eat them that often.
Today I am going to cut out the tomatoes all together and see how that goes. I drank 64 oz of plain water yesterday and oh, gosh, um ....4 cups of tea? So plenty of liquid. I did not mix up the protein, but then I do not always do that anyways. I know it is best, but, it just does not always happen.
I dropped 2.2# as of yesterday, not bad, but definitely not the largest loss I have had on the first day, but I will take it! Any loss is a GREAT loss! (Of course I am going to have to keep telling myself that down the road! haha) I usually measure, but have not done that yet.
I put up all of the Christmas decorations yesterday, as well as the tree. I try to get that done a quickly as possible after Christmas day...which is sad, all those cute things are only out about a full month and then stored for 11 months. So I also got some exercise going up and down those stairs, getting it all put away in the attic. I count that as exercise because I just do not exercise really at all....what can I say,...I am lazy! haha But I do vision myself doing things more as I get smaller. So one of these days, who knows! I may be very active!
Well, it is almost 10AM, I am getting a late start today, and so much to do while I am off work! Have a blessed day!

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