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January 20th, 2011 R5P2D24

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I was going to blog this whole round and what would you know, but my computer goes on the fritz! Took a week it get it up and running again, and well, days went by and I had not been on here! I am sad, because I have lost contact with so many that I visited with for so long! I am so behind!
So far I have managed to loose 14.4# this round, good, but no near as great as I was hoping to do! I have stalled out for the last week and hardly lost anything! Very frustrating!
I am thinking of doing either a mini steak day or a high protein day tomorrow...not sure which to see if I can kick this and move on! I really, really want to get to my goal before I end this round! Even if it takes me 50 days!! Of course I hope to heavens sake that it will not take me that long! blah! haha!! If anyone has any suggestions, I would be oh so grateful to hear them!
I have not measured yet. Maybe I will do that this weekend to see how I am doing there! That usually cheers me up on how far I have come.
Have a blessed day and I hope that I will be able to blog more often!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Saw that u are on round 5, wondering how much u've lost. Total. That's always inspirational for most of us. And how much more do u want to lose? I'm like u, want to reach my goal--another 10-15 lb. (not sure exactly) before ending this round, so I'll be here a while yet. Welcome back. And hope to hear more from u.
  2. dda1's Avatar
    Good Morning Dubbles!
    Yes, I am on round 5! (so many rounds! hehe) Any way I have lost 64.2 pounds as of this morning! YAY! I would like to loose another 15 to get to my goal. Actually just a pound or two shy of that, but 15 would set me good....but I will be happy when I get to 13 more down.
    Thank you!
    I am running late for work this morning, so hopefully will post this evening.