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January 21, 2011 R5P2D25

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I had a good day today. Woke up to a .8 loss and then decided that I was going to have an all protein day. Actually I pretty much decided that I would have the protein day today last night. I really did not have any problems doing either. I was not starving at all. I ended up having coffee for breakfast, with Vanilla creame stevia and Chocolate Raspberry stevia...(and I used to NEVER drink coffee!) and then have had my 64 oz of water plus some more...and had a 200 gram hamburger on the GF grill for lunch and then a 200 gram lean steak all fat removed for dinner this evening. WOW That steak was so good! I am hoping that this will give me a great loss in the morning...I will wait and see!!
Day 25 for me and I am not having hardly any problems of getting tired of it yet. I think that I have my mind set that I am going to got till I get to my goal...and that helps. I have been doing a lot of looking back of what I have done in the past and that has also helped. 13# to go!!! Looking like it is going to be at least a 40 day round. (I have to realistic!) 15 more days to 40? Maybe will be longer..I really doubt that I can loose a pound a day..OH but IF I could! wow that would be awesome! OKay. I am starting to get myself to nervous, maybe I will just keep going a day at a time and not look ahead, but back to how far I have some!
Have a blessed evening everyone!

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