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March 27th, 2011, Off of maintenance

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Good Morning!
I would say that it is a beautiful day, but it is not, in fact, it is cloudy and cold out this morning! Where did spring go? It was like 80 degrees last week! ugh! :/
Well, I have completely completed round 5 as of Thursday. On that day I was just up a couple of pounds, to be exact, 2.6 then this morning I was up 4.8! I know what I done, but it was very frustrating, that I can not have something so simple as a candy bar and/or ice cream and gain that much weight...ugh! Live and Learn. Matter of fact I did push the limits the last couple of days... cake, gravy, candy bars (full size at that!) ice cream (McDonalds); soft serve yogurt (Braums) and low-carb- ice cream (Braums), then rice last night when I went to Red Lobster for dinner...and all that of course is not all in one day! I have eaten that in the last few days...I am not that much of a pig! LOL!!
I have fluctuated up and down a couple of pounds, but nothing drastic until today. So I plan on doing a steak day today. And hopefully an honest to goodness steak day, you know, the one where you can drink anything but eat nothing....steak day...course I can not have coffee with out the creamer, so i am drinking tea right now. I just may not have the coffee, just hot tea, since it is so cold today. When I have done "steak days" this round during maintenance (and there have not been as many as last round) I have altered them a bit, added an apple in the morning and a string cheese at lunch, sometimes with another apple and sometimes not, and then when we would go out, cause, I had no steaks at home, I would eat the salad many times and then just the steak, but then there was one time I had the rolls! UGH!!! I LOVE love the rolls, and caved and had 3!! still lost but only like .6...but I did not care.
I think that we have to learn that, yes, we are possibly going to gain a pound or five, in my case, at times and realize that if a "mistake" is made by enjoying a pleasure food, that it can be corrected. All be it slowly, and it may take a while to correct but it happens and not to beat ourselves up about it! Of which is what I done all night after eating the rolls!!
I am so upset with myself this morning more so, with the 4.8 gain....why? the candy I am sure and then rice?? maybe the "carb-watch" ice cream, yeah, I had all of those yesterday! In one day! Shrimp, I have always gained on, even on the 500, so that was a given, but I have not had that in a LONG time, so I caved and we went out and enjoyed myself, and paying for it today...
I guess I am not the best person to get advise from, I am just stating what is going on with me and my tribulations. I love that I can blog on here and it helps me de-stress and vent. I feel as though I am "talking" to myself and a bit to others that will "listen" to me ramble! hehe Have a great day! Will check back again another day...

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