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Down Down Down in 2 mnths!!!!!!

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Well, this is day 13 of round #2. I am at a total loss at the moment of 32.8 pounds! I did my first round 45 days, which I did not think I wanted to do round 2 for 45 days. I am going to see where my weight is at on the 25th day and then make my judgement call. But I am so EXCITED!! My clothes are so big on me and I do not want to waste money getting new ones just yet. But, my co workers said omg your clothes are just hanging.

So, I went into Old Navy Yesterday and from a size 16/18 I put on a size 14 skinny jeans and my shirt size went from 1x to large. I wanted to jump up and down and scream in the fitting room! So, today was spring cleaning! I have donated 2 bags of clothes! I have known from pass experience if I hang on to bigger clothes I can not let go of the old me and I want to welcome the new me!

I am looking to finish up this round and will maintain on my own. Going to join CKO with a co worker and I am so looking forward to some kick boxing!

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