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Round 2 -- started with a HUGE loss!

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Today is my 2nd day of P2 round 2. I stepped on the scale this morning to a 5.2 loss!!!

I have lost 30 pounds in round 1 which I did for 45 day. I am not going to do 2nd round that long, cause it was way to long for me. I had days that I thought I would crack up.

I purchased enough drops for 90 days, so I have another 45 days left if needed. I might just do 25 days and see where I am then and if needed do another 25.

Hoping to drop 25 this round and I might not need the 3rd round. Then I can start through training again for my 5k and 10k run. Then I will just maintain....

Fingers crossed I can hit the goal!!

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    Wow! 5.2 lbs, that should be some sort of record! Congrats!!!
    Imagine running is alot more fun when you are down 30-55lbs!
    Off to a great start and cheers to continued success!
  2. Deana's Avatar
    happydj -- Thank you! I noticed in the last round I did, I loose it really fast the first few wks then I will stall. I was able to figure out oranges and read meat stalled me. I never started on the bread sticks, and I don't have any fruit in the evenings anymore.
  3. happydj's Avatar
    Yup, Round 1, I lost a bunch in the first two weeks then after that is was slow to come off. I find that when I eat fish for dinner, I am almost guaranteed a loss...so I try and have it once a week
  4. Deana's Avatar
    I am not a seafood eater, unless it's fried cod. lol But, I will do the halibut and it takes all I got to get it down! I have to use hot sauce.

    Someone told me to fry it up instead of grilling it. I just have not tried it yet. How do you make yours?