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Debbie's HCG Rollercoaster Ride

VLCD 2 (round 3) 158.2

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Yesterday was 161.2 today 158.2. I ate pretty well yesterday however I had some zuccini I need to use so I sliced it and threw it in with my chicken breast for lunch along with a bit of lemon and salt and pepper. For dinner I made tacos for the family I drained the meat REALLY WELL and put it on lettuce with salsa to make a taco salad for dinner. Since I dont drink coffee I am doing a Absolute Zero Monster in the mornings and water or tea the rest of the day. Hoping to stay strong focusing on chicken and fish this round like I probably have said too many times LOL then I go and eat beef last night opps! Thinking of a short round but not sure. I usually do yoga monday mornings but I just didnt feel like it today. Maybe I will take the Greys on a walk this evening.

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  1. jenncan's Avatar
    Great Start, so bring it SISTA.....I'm ready for you!