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I am feeling really disheartened about the FDA thing because I read the comments on that USA Today article and it just sort of bummed me out. I have learned more about healthy eating from this forum and from being on the protocol than I have ever learned before.

My mother did only what she knew so we ate a lot of fried foods and stuff like hamburger helper, etc growing up and not only that when we did have fresh fruits and vegetables in the house we were only allowed to have one a day because with 4 kids damn right it got expensive. So it was canned vegetables, lifeless foods, and a lot of starches. I am the only kid of 4 who ended up with the metabolism that I have though, so I was the one who was forced to "diet" starting at age 8. My mom is 4'10" and has only weighed over 130 once in her life, including during her pregnancies so I was "too fat" and needed to eat less (of the same fatty, non-nutritionally balanced foods the rest of the family was eating) so I was basically set up to fail at losing the weight because it was all stuff that was just causing spikes and crashes in my blood sugar and metabolism and basically wrecked it all. Both my sisters would eat twice as much as me and never gain weight, meanwhile I have never been a super heavy eater but I gained a lot.

I have never never never told anyone my current weight at any point in my life since the my mom shamed me for weighing 80 pounds when I was in like 6th grade. The only people who've known the truth have been those with direct access to my medical files.

So with the shame for not being like the rest of my family, and the improper example that was set for me, I have not eaten super crazy but I have fallen victim in my adult life to convenience more than gluttony. I did a lot of things because I did not know or have the skills to even think or know about what could possibly be healthy or good for me and I honestly did not know what to whip up. So I would eat boxed meals or ramen or cereal for dinner, etc a lot. I'm single, I don't have any kids, and I work a demanding job. I have tried to lose weight before and only one time was I successful at losing more than 20 pounds--in my freshman year of college right after I moved out on my own and quit eating my mother's cooking. I worked at McDonald's in high school and ALSO in college--still lost weight while working at McDonald's from not eating my mom's cooking regularly.

Not only that but when I did try a weight loss regimen, it wouldn't work anyway. I could maintain my weight without much thought most of the time, but I went through periods of depression or whatever then I would end up gaining again. It came in spurts, really. So mostly I had decided that I could struggle and be frustrated trying to lose, or I could stop giving a [email protected]& and just basically stay the same weight so I gave up trying.

Ironically even with my crazy mom making me feel like the family circus freak, and stuff like that I've never been like an emotional eater or anything like that. I just ate the wrong things, more than too much of them. When I would go through depressions, it was more about lack of movement than too much intake. I messed up my metabolism so much by eating one meal a day, or just eating to get the hunger out of the way in the moment, etc.

I DID allow my weight to become or put up a barrier to getting close to people though and I have successfully used it to remain single. There is no way I would try to meet someone when I know that people will be judging me and thinking all the horrible thoughts that I have been thinking about myself. So in my adult life I have taken on the stance of rejecting people before we have a chance to meet or become close so that they don't have a chance to reject me and cause me pain. I would love to be able to open up a little and feel less vulnerable. I would love to meet someone and have a family someday. But as long as I remain overweight, I will never feel like someone could possibly be interested in me for the right reasons. I know it's irrational, but I do it anyway. Of course I do.

I have tried a lot of things to lose weight (periodically) and nothing has ever been as rewarding as this. It's such a relief just to KNOW that the research I've done, the effort I'm putting forth, all of it will truly pay off. Has started to pay off already. In the bigger picture to put forth the amount effort that I'm doing now, but only expect to lose 2 pounds a week? Seems like I may as well just decide to beat my head off the wall. You can't sustain a completely dedicated focus for such a long amount of time and not get bored or frustrated when you don't see results in any quantifiable way.

I have a long way to go ----- 3 to 4 more 40 day rounds to get through to even be near my goal IF I continue losing at or near the pace I'm going at now.

It took this protocol to teach me some things about health, empty calories, metabolism, etc. And I damn well believe that the homeopathic drops WORK. They have WORKED FOR ME and I do not want them to be taken away. I can't afford to stock up on enough drops for all my future rounds at once, even if they would actually remain effective for the whole time.

So I'm really bummed because for the past couple months I truly have felt energetic, vibrant, and in control for the first time in a LONG time. I'm not ready to give this up. Please please don't make me, FDA. Homeopathic hCG works.

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  1. barblg's Avatar
    I completely feel your pain on the growing up with bad food because it was what the family could afford. I think that is what Michelle Obama is trying to focus on with her 'food desert' campaign, that many families don't have the funds or access to healthy foods. I also had to completely learn to eat healthy when I grew up and was out of the house and it was HARD after years of eating heavy starchy foods.
    Anyway I agree with you about the support here, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here and the FDA are way off base on this one.
    congrats on your success and good luck on any future goals
  2. Feisty's Avatar
    "I have learned more about healthy eating from this forum and from being on the protocol than I have ever learned before." This is it in a nutshell for me.
    Oh, I grew up on VERY healthy food, but, It was fairly the opposite for me, LOL. When we were kids, We worked/shoveled for our riding lessons. When mom would drop us off at the stables for the day she would give us money to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread and some meat for lunch, Um right..... We bought a package of Double stuffed oreos and a 2 liter bottle of pepsi and sat up on the hill behind the barn and scarfed those puppies down in hiding! If I went to a friends house and someone asked me if I wanted something I always asked for kool-aid. When I grew up and started being responsible for my own eating If it didn't come out of a box with some kind of sauce I left it on the shelf at the market. Regardless of how we got there, many of us have pretty much wound up in the same place needing to learn the same lessons. And yes, Shame on the FDA.
  3. mzlark15's Avatar
    I had much the same food issues growing up -- family with no money and eating whatever we could afford to have on the table. I wasn't heavy when I was young, but my weight started to spiral out of control as an adult. I was right there with you about not sharing my actual weight with ANYONE! Seriously, hubby didn't know what I weighed for the last decade! I've tried every fad or diet plan that came around. Some would have temporary success, but the weight would come right back. Nothing worked -- until now! I'm just finishing R2 and have lost 35 lbs! I haven't felt this good in 15 yrs. I will continue to follow this protocol until I get to my healthy range, but like you said, I've learned so much more about healthy eating that I can't imagine ever going back to the same way of eating.

    Hang in there, Delaney, you're making great progress. And yes, we ALL know that the FDA is mistaken on this one.
  4. Catthai's Avatar
    I didn't realise that the FDA was going against homeopathic HCG. I was on homeopathic drops the first two weeks and then switched to RX HCG because it's the only HCG product I could find in Thailand.

    I've been on the RX version for over a week and I'm finding nothing different between the two. I have the same lack of hunger, and the same hormonal stroppiness and emotional temper. Normally I'm calm and laid back so this recent quick temper is 100% down to the hormones in the drops.

    What I don't know is whether or not the homeopathic drops are capable of recalibrating my metabolism.

    As for doctors squealing because we are stepping over them to go straight to the source - foo on them. Doctors have wasted enough of my time, money, and overall well-being.
  5. ldygeko's Avatar
    I was disheartened for a bit, and now I am just plain TICKED OFF. I have finally found something that WORKS, and they want to take it away? I'm starting to believe the conspiracy theorists that the FDA is backed/run/controlled by Big Pharma, who of course wants to keep us unhealthy and buying their drugs. Seriously, whenever I would see a post about 'Big Pharma' I would just chuckle and think 'whatever' - but I'm not so sure now....