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My Mantra: quitting is NOT an option

Life happens, situations occur which are out of our control & effected our mental & phsyical health. Don't know how, why & when it all started to change...I have always had a problem with head-aches & insomnia but it got worse, then the anxiety attacks & depression set in. I wouldn't leave the house, kept the curtains drawn, sat in the dark, avoided all my friends & family, hated to do hair n make-up etc... Went on meds for sake of my mental health which of course have side-effects of weght loss/gain....of course for me it was weight gain... To top it off my broke my right arm twice within 3 months which made me more immobile & useless with everyday chores.

Don't get me wrong...this is not a sob story. I am very good at putting on a smile & pretending that nothing hurts & that life is good so that most people think everything is fine. Plus, I am truly blessed with an amazing hard-working husband, a brilliant & beautiful daughter, amazing friends and family.

But as much as I try I can see that my mindset, health & inactive, anti-social lifestyle is affecting those closest to me. My daughter just finished her under-graduate degree and is moving away for 4 yrs+. She expressed concerns that I will further dig myself deeper into depression & sadness when she's gone. As much as I re-assure her with my smiles, hugs, positive comments ....she knows me better than anyone.

SO now I am going to try my bestest to get myself motivated, stay on track, lose weight, get healthy, be positive & all that good stuff.
Today P2D5 down 8.6lbs (including load weight)...I see that if I stay positive, follow protocol and stay focused I can do it.

Cheers to us all!

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