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Who knew??? .9 away from 130s

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July 30, 2011 I was weighing 171.4 lbs and never did I imagine by October 12th that I would be 140.8 lbs. This protocol is so totally awesome. This is my second round. I'm only 12 days into and i'm having better results that the first round. For anyone that finds this blog. Just know that this protocol works. I didn't go up after enter p3 I actually released more weight. After gorging for round two I only gained 2.8 lbs. Who knew I would weigh this amount and fit into clothes that I could only fit in when i was 24 and weighing 120s. I'm loving it and good luck to every one on there journey.

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    thats so awesome, congrats!!! i would give anything to have only gained 2.8 during my load for round 2. Sucks to see the weight go up when you want to lose! keep up the great work
  2. Tammy1007's Avatar
    I am starting P3 now and I have lost another pound after my TOM. I know I need to weight 6 weeks before another round, is it still ok to lose while in P3. I hate to waste this time.

  3. TonyLeah2000's Avatar
    So very happy and excited for you! Enjoy your success and be blessed! ~Leah
  4. Laurarosee's Avatar
    Congrats that is wonderful!!!!!