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It moved!

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Oh Happy day! The scale moved down 1.2! Putting me right at 161. I have a mini goal to be in the 150's by this weekend, even if it is 159.8,fingers crossed! I have decided homemade soup is my new best friend! I make some for lunch. It looks like you get so much and it is so easy! Todays soup is asparagus and chicken and it is quiet tasty! Last night I got a huge burst of energy and woke up this am still with energy. Woohoo! I believe that the sluggishness of the first week is all the crap leaving the body. I don't expect the same stellar loss tomorrow but just hope the scale continues on the downward trend!
Fabulous day all!!!

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  1. Rabo's Avatar
    I bet that burst of energy was at least 1.2 pounds of abnormal fat!

    I want a freakish burst of energy!!! I'm still recovering from the lovely time change...