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vlcd 2

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Good Lord. Today started out great with a 4.8# loss.Was up and able to get coffee in before the little ones woke up. Then down hill it went from there. My 4 yr old nephew woke up with all the classic signs of shunt failure.Had to take him to ER 2 hrs away .Thankfully it was not shunt failure.They did have to give him 2 bags of iv,poor little guy. We were there all day. The girls didn't get naps so they are not happy.The head nurse tried to tell me I needed to keep the baby form crying so loud.ARE YOU KIDDING ME!I didn't have time to make food to take so I am just now eating for the first time today. I added in more meat just to try to get a little closer to 500 cal.What a roller coaster! Very grateful he is okay other than the cold/flu virus he has. That is the main thing.Tonight will be an early night for us all!

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  1. marvless's Avatar
    So sorry Destiny! I'm glad it wasn't as serious as you thought but wow what an ordeal. Congrats to you for keeping it all together. I hope the rest of the week is better for y'all.
  2. pookster's Avatar
    hang in there girl.. I only have 1 child.. 11mnths old.. and I lose my sh*t all the time.. I feel so frazzled some days.. shes crying.. phones ringing.. dogs barking..and I got a ton of stuff to do on top of it all. Glad your nephew is ok.. how scarey. If a nurse told me to keep my child quiet, I would say " You obviously do not have children"..peace out..
  3. destinyave's Avatar
    Thanks Maria & Pookster! Little mister is still sleeping ..I have gone in to check on him 2 times just to make sure he is okay! Talk about a paranoid Auntie! But I am sure it is the best for him.