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My HCG Journey

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I loaded the last 2 days of November and started vlcd on Dec. 1. For the first 7 days I was taking homeopathic hcg. I was starving every day! I think it was day 1 on vlcd that I found out that hhcg had little or no hcg in them. I was heart broken. So I read on one of the threads that I could get the rx strength subq hcg from Doyle. I ordered from him last week and got it in yesterday (Wed). So today is day 2 on rx strength hcg. I'm still hungry. Tomorrow if I'm still hungry, I will try upping my dose. It takes 2 days for the hcg to get into your system. I'v lost 13 1/2 lb in 9 days! But I've been starving the whole way. Needless to say I've cheated some. My will power sucks when it comes to cookies & sweets. Ugh! I cheated today! I sure hope it gets easier to not cheat.

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