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Diesel'smom Journey to Success

The beginning

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I am waiting for the delivery on my HCG product, it should arrive today. I am super excited to start this journey to weight loss. I have yo-yo most of my life and in the last few years there have been more ups than downs. I am tired of not being the mom that wants to play with her kids or is embarrassed to get in the pool.

I have had a hip reconstruction surgery and unfortunately for me that did not work the way we planned so now I am needing a hip replacement. On top of that because of the abuse I have put on my good leg my knee is now requiring a scope and scrape to see if we can get some pain relief from that too. I used to be active and work out almost daily but now I am constantly making excuses of why I can't do it and I am tired of doing that.

I really hope this will free me to be ME again. I did a round about 4 years ago with the drops (not even sure if they were actual product but it is amazing what a placebo can do if not lol) and lost 20+ pounds and that is my goal again. I want to be back around 140 and see where that takes me. I competed in a couple bikini competitions before when I was getting healthy and I was around 128 at stage weight so 140 makes sense to me.

I just turned 40 and am ready for a new beginning.

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  1. lovelyladyhcg's Avatar
    Welcome back to your HCG journey! Like you, I tried drops in the past, but I believe Iíve had greater results with the injections. Youíll get rid of that 20 lbs in no time, and will be back in to your bikini competition days before you know it!