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Diesel'smom Journey to Success

Day 1

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The good bad and ugly about this journey is that we usually end up stripping down what is making us make bad decisions in our lives, whether it is that extra serving of dinner or the chips and salsa at the table. I know the first time I was truly successful in my weight loss journey was when I journaled to how I was feeling/thinking and I found how sad I really was. On the outside happy life, busy, running around after kids/husband, chasing a career but then when I actually stripped away the glossy outside I saw that I saw ME in a very negative light. I don't know how that happened but when I didn't value ME then I didn't take care of ME either. I do suggest having a journal, a private place to right down thoughts and feelings and see how you can improve your self image.

Today is day 1 of VLCD and I know this is the mental aspect of the game. I brought a bigger water container to work to make sure I am drinking enough because I work on an amazing property developemnt (The Pearl) in San Antonio and it has 15+ restaurants on campus plus we have fruit/nuts/snacks in our kitchen that I need to stay away from. It is an awesome place to be but can make that diet part hard. I weighed in at home but can't remember the weight but I was up a couple pounds from yesterday which makes sense since I ended up with two burger meals lol.

I do have a planned interruption for Aug 16-19 as we are headed to the coast to hang out of the beach for the last getaway before school starts. I am hoping to be down 10ish pounds by then so I can feel better getting some sun and not be so self conscious about my body.

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