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Diesel'smom Journey to Success

Day 4

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Trust the process.

Down 2.8 pounds today Made sure I drank lots of water and flushed out my body. I will watch and see how I react next time I use the broth and if it continues to be an issue I will stick with teas and whatnot as liquid fillers. Not sure why but drinking the broth feels more like a 'meal' than drinking tea. I made my own ice tea last night with my passionfruit tea and it was amazing.

It was the first day of hockey practice but I am in a great spot where my hubby is coaching my daughter and my son is on the ice at the same time so I DONT HAVE TO BE THERE!! It took me a long time not to feel mom guilt about not attending but having some nights to myself, especially when I am done the round, will help with being able to get exercise back into my routine.

I have my normal 7-4 job, I volunteer on the hockey board and as as Secretary/Treasurer, I'm a team mom in lacrosse, and I have a hobby business so I feel like I don't have a lot of extra time without waking up early but when I was dealing with my thyroid issues I could barely pull myself through the day so I am glad to start feeling healthier. I had two books to deliver this week for my hobby business, I make folded book art, so it was a busy weekend trying to finish them up. When I figure out how to put a picture on I will upload one

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