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Diesel'smom Journey to Success

Day 5

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159.8 down 1.2, total 5.2 VLCD 5, great start for me I am super thrilled. I am happy to see the 150's again as this was were I sat for a long time 150-155 which was 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be but I was a lot more comfortable in my skin then. I know these big losses will slow down and it will be about keeping the motivation going and as I said to TLC remember the finish line.

I was calculating the amount of doses I will have in my vial which will be approx 33 so think I may do a mini extend on the round since I will have PI of 4 days when we hit the coast next week. I will do the program til I run out of HCG.

My only worry at the moment is that I will need to go for blood work at the end of Aug for my thyroid/progesterone and I hope that this doesn't affect it. I will be honest with my doc and tell her what I have been doing because she is immediately jump to the conclusion my T3 is too high since I have lost weight during my appointments as I supplement with a T3 and T4 and the presumption would be that I went hypothyroid.

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