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Please calm my nerves, please.

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I was excited about today but, now it's time to eat and I'm terrified.

Breakfast: 3 slices of organic turkey bacon, 2 egg omelet w/chopped spinach, green peppers and red onions - no cheese - herbal tea

Lunch - mixed spring salad w/cuccumbers, organic caesar dressings with 2 garlic grilled chicken strips and 8 pieces of shrimp. And, 1tp of feta cheese

Dinner: mixed spring salad w/cucumbers, organic Caesar dressing with 4 garlic baked chicken wings.

Oh, an apple as a mid morning snack

Is this too much, not enough, fattening????

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  1. Faithful's Avatar
    I will enter P3 in about a week and I am starting to get nervous. I keep reading about people having trouble stablizing and doing all sorts of correction days. Sorry, I guess that doesn't help calm your nerves... but I hope it goes well for you and gets easier.