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Last 2 days of P3 and random thoughts...

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Well, the last 2 days of P3 didn't bring a change at all to my weight. Overall, I stabilized quite well, without too many fluctuations. The interesting part of this journey is that the ONE real steak day I had was due to not eating enough the day before. I had been running around, and not enough cals or fat. Once I added in the almonds, I stabilized right away. It was snacking on raw almonds all day that helped me with cals and the increase good fats.

Now, the "bad" news... My LIW was nowhere in aight! I caught a glimpse of it after my steak day (116.4, I think)... But that was just a teeny, tiny glimpse. Never to be seen again. However, settling in at 118 was good. Last round, my weight was all over the place. It was so frustrating, that it literally made me cry. I realize now that fats have much to do with stabilization. Not sure why, but it just does.

Here are my menus for yesterday & today:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs & cheese with tea & cream; 1/4 Atkins bar
Snack: strawberries, pistachios, and 6 cheese cubes, coffee with cream
Lunch: chicken salad with mayo, dill, mustard and pickles... Yum!
Snack: tea with cream, almonds, 1/3 Atkins bar, handful of macadamia nuts
Dinner: 2 fried eggs with sausage, tea with cream
Dessert: 8 oz Fage with strawberries

Today's menu:
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs with sausage, tea with cream, 1/3 Atkins bar
Snack: cheese stick, 1/2 apple, almonds
Lunch: hamburger patty, sauted onions, salad with ranch & pecans, bite of cocoa crack
Snack: tea with cream, almonds, other part of Atkins bar
Dinner: siritaki noodles, shrimp scampish with lords butter & herbs
Dessert: strawberries, whipped cream, cocoa crack

This marks the "official" end of P3, HOWEVER, I really don't mind hanging out in P3 for my life. I only added corn (tortillas, tacos, chips, and real corn) last time and low carb wraps... That was about it. I may add EZEKIEL bread, heard that it doesn't impact anything... The raisin bread is divine!

Other than that, my menu will continue to be the same and that actually makes me pretty happy.

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    I am so hoping to be your stabilization twin! haha. I realized that I was not going to keep near my LIW either...so I mentally adjusted my range, and added almonds and I've stabilized and gotten back to my LDW without trying. So weird. Magic almonds. haha

    My goal is to live on Ph3 and garnish/add flavor with PH4 foods. I haven't even considered having tortilla chips ever again......I may consider now hearing that you have added it. How did you do with them your other Rounds? I really can't wait to have oatmeal, hummus, beans, bread w/butter (maybe just almond bread or ezekiel).....can't think of too much more! Oh wait...a nice cold alcoholic beverage!! Maybe a wine spritzer? I can experiment once I'm into PH4 for a while.

    Anyways, way to go! You really inspire me! And I encourage you to check out this book I'm loving: A Course in Weightloss....I think you would really get a lot of closure from it! xoxo
  2. disco_m's Avatar
    Thank you for that! Love that pic of you too! I don't know what the deal is with almonds. I bought a 8 pound bag from Sam's club (natural almonds) and have been eating them in handfuls! Other than that, cream seems to be my other best friend.

    After the other rounds, I have had tortilla chips in any quantity whenever I please. I don't tend to overindulge (problem that got me here in the first place), so they are not an issue. Try tacos first...same principle, but better to see how your body deals with corn. It's a whole grain, and not just white flour, so not an issue.

    I have not yet tried oatmeal... on any rounds (too scared!). I will try the steel cut this time. Also, I love special K Protein cereal and Bear Naked Protein granola in my greek yogurt. Just something else to consider for those "cheat" days... that's what I mentally think of these days when I am eating anything out of P3. It's not an issue, just a once in a while indulgence (or break from the ordinary).

    So happy, BTW, about coming back to LDW... must be the natural fats!!!!!