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P3 Day19 feelin' kinda full

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Not too bad of a menu... The only variable was my ladies luncheon. Great collection of salads, but I am sure the ones I had were vinegarette with sugar. I didn't freak out about it though, I figure it wasn't bad to cheat on a salad!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese
Snack: almonds with 1/3 protein bar and tea with cream
Lunch: variety of salads, not much protein at all
Snack: protein shake with Greek yogurt and berries
Dinner: broccoli with butter and steak
Dessert: strawberries, cocoa crack and whipped cream...yum!

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  1. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    I forgot if you told me....do you count calories??? Sometimes I think if I stopped counting i would only eat 1000 calories a day....not good! right?
  2. disco_m's Avatar
    Nope... I only counted because you made me! Ha! Ha!

    I got worried when I thought maybe I didn't eat enough. Then, got freaked out due to the high cals! The key is adding olive oil to veggies, salad dressing, dips, and cream... things I cannot seem to get enough of! I love 'em!